The Only Way

The left-hand side consists of the lyrics to the Emerson, Lake & Palmer song 'The Only Way', to which the right-hand side could be seen as a response. Topical issues such as intelligent design feature.

   People are stirred,
   Moved by the word,
   Kneel at the shrine,
   Deceived by the wine.

   How was the earth conceived?
   Infinite space -
   Is there such a place?
   You must believe in the human race

   Can you believe
   God makes you breathe?
   Why did He lose
   Six million Jews?

   Touched by the winds,
   This angel brings
   Sad winter's storm,
   Great autumn dawn.
   Who looks on life itself?
   Who lights your way?
   Only you can say.
   How can you just obey?

   Don't need the Word
   Now that you've heard.
   Don't be afraid -
   Man is man-made.
   And when the hour comes,
   Don't turn away.
   Face the light of day
   And do it your way.
   It's the only way.


   In the beginning (to be precise, Sunday, six thousand years ago)
   was the Word.  A few days later the Garden of Eden was new.  Then on
   Friday came the brontosaurus, mice, then men.
   Eve had Cain, Abel, Seth,... maybe gave birth to her own grand-kids?
     How could anybody doubt Jesus' hand in our journey from that pure,
   holier time to today, or think this polluted world could develop by accident?
   Yet what a shame you with cheesy Darwin fish can't evolve an eye to see!

   When we with faith stone you atheists, will Yahweh save you or condemn
   you to die?  When killed, will you say "Dammit, why me, science?"?

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