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In ancient times, hundreds of years before the dawn of history, lived a strange race of people - the Druids. No-one knows who they were, or what they were doing, but their legacy remains, hewn into the living rock - of Stonehenge.

Stonehenge - where the demons dwell,
Where the banshees live, and they do live well.
Stonehenge -
When a man is a man and the children dance
To the pipes of Pan.
Stonehenge -
'Tis a magic place where the moon doth rise
With a dragon's face.
Stonehenge -
Where the virgins lie
And the prayers of devils fill the midnight sky...
And you, my love, won't you take my hand?
We'll go back in time to that mystic land
Where the dew-drops cry and the cats meow.
I will take you there. I will show you how.
And oh how they danced, the little children of Stonehenge, beneath the haunted moon, for fear that the daybreak might come too soon...
...And where are they now, the little people of Stonehenge? And what would they say to us if they were here...tonight?


Hey, one needs to watch

This Is Spinal Tap


Artie Fufkin, Polymer Records
one or two women

David St. Hubbins
Nigel Tufnel
the weed-heroin-etc.-head who added the end-note 'Have a good time all the time'
Derek Smalls who here enchant with

One weeps when one hears 'Lick My Love Pump' ('in Dm, which I always find is really the saddest of all keys').

Anyhow, then they do an odd new song ('On the bass, Derek Smalls - he wrote this...').

What we offer: rare new footage of

Do heed each earthy, honest new insight they have - e.g.,

and, indeed,

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