'White Rabbit' - it's not about drugs, honest

The left-hand side is Jefferson Airplane song 'White Rabbit'. On the right side of the 'gram we have some historical background leading up to the classic that is the left-hand side. You will need to add your own bright colours, swirling patterns, and what-not.

   WHITE RABBIT -- Jefferson Airplane

   One pill makes you larger
   And one pill makes you small
   And the ones that mother gives you
   Don't do anything at all
   Go ask Alice
   When she's ten feet tall
   And if you go chasing rabbits
   And you know you're going to fall
   Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar   
   Has given you the call
   Call Alice
   When she was just small
   When men on the chessboard
   Get up and tell you where to go
   And you've just had some kind of mushroom
   And your mind is moving low
   Go ask Alice
   I think she'll know
   When logic and proportion
   Have fallen sloppy dead
   And the White Knight is talking backwards
   And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
   Remember what the dormouse said:
   "Feed your head
   Feed your head
   Feed your head"


   Folk in olden days knew well that psychedelia held huge power both in
   religion and to heal. Many used fly agaric, mescaline,
   high-harmala-alkaloid plants, the holy kava kava, or Sikh bhang.

   One bike 'trip' for Albert Hoffman heralded a more enlightened age:
    - Doctors now had a valuable tool to help quell alcohol use.
    - Freudians found a new hokey way to unhide repressed human memory.
    - Mental hospitals (who had not informed subjects on side effects)
       handed out LSD every week.

   The Fifties saw novel CIA projects like MK-ULTRA try LSD on unaware
   humans. UK state agents who wanted to use LSD in war OKed
   'Operation Moneybags', leading to much giggling among young soldiers.

   How hairy youths enjoyed the high!  (I'm one.)

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