Anagram of 'Anarchy in the UK'


'Anarchy in the UK'
  - by the Sex Pistols

I am an anti-Christ.                 I'm Mr. President
I am an anarchist.                   No-one cares what I meant
Don't know what I want,              With 'State of the Budget',
But I know how to get it.            'Misunderestimated'...
I wanna destroy                      Towelhead boys are
  the passerby                         soon gonna fry.
'Cos I wanna be anarchy.             Bye-bye, Saddam! It's me - GWB.
No dogs body.                        Mountains of bodies!
Anarchy for the UK.                  Monarchy by GWB!
It's coming sometime                 That Chretien an' Chirac
  and maybe                            can't count - ugh!
I give a wrong time,                 I whine about hate,
  stop a traffic line.                 threats in Papa's time,
Your future dream                    Yet 'there's no such thing
  is a shopping scheme                 as legacies'.
'Cause I wanna be anarchy.           Why, I wanna start WWIII!
It's in the city.                    'Ha!  You ran, sissy!'
How many ways to                     I say, Isaiah says
  get what you want?                   how we can win!
I use the best; I use the rest       I issue power to make arrests.
I use the enemy.                     (Try Guantanamo!)
I use anarchy.                       I hate the PLO.
'Cause I wanna be anarchy -          An' I wanna ruin any country!
Its the only way to be.              I got a war toy in January...
Is this the MPLA,                    Hand into O-P-E-C,
Or is this the UDA,                  An' Lockheed an' the military.
Or is this the IRA?                  I abuse the FBI an' CIA.
I thought it was the UK -            Cronies think that that's okay -
Or just another country,             Ah, there is a W victory
Another council tenancy.             Which Arnett's CNN can't see.
I wanna be an anarchist,             I say thank the rich US!
(Oh, what a name!)                   (US! US!)
And I wanna be an anarchist          Why not thank the rich US?
(I get pissed, destroy).             (Asia next!  Oh, boy!)

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