Association of
Synchronous Data Formats

Welcome to ASDFnet

Welcome to the Association Of Synchronous Data Formats (ASDF) Web server. We are a non-profit international organization dedicated to advancing the usage of high-end synchronous data transmission technology for both the internet and intranet solutions.


The ASDF organizational hierarchy is divided into five executive committees that form the core of standardization effort. Each of these committees has a chairman and 20 members, elected for a three-year term.

ASDF is formed to provide its members with the highest quality information transmission standards available, and to assist the implementation of these standards in an efficient way.


ASDF was founded in 1988 by the National Science Foundation to form an industry consortium to develop and standardize new communication protocols for synchronous data transfer. Since then over 60 countries have ratified the IUPAC 4773 standard proposition which will be enforced during Q4 of 2000.